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The Nowadays

For this project, I worked with artist, Shelley Spector to conceptualize and organize her exhibition for an annual group show: Art Unleashed. This exhibition is held at University of the Arts, and features the work of faculty and alumni.


My responsibilities included developing the conceptual framework, writing label copy, and designing the visitor experience and flow through the gallery. 

"This exhibition demonstrates the evolution of the artist‘s practice, and her commitment to sustainability of materials, through the display of selected past work alongside several new socially and economically focused artworks. Spector’s new body of work, entitled The Nowadays, investigates the theory that an artwork can generate needed resources, and re-evaluates the activity of making artwork as a community-based intervention. At the conclusion of this exhibition, the rice used to fill certain new fabric works will be donated to the Broad Street Ministry." 

- A sample of writing from the exhibition

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